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Hi Team,

Here’s a thread to post your Instagram account and discuss Instagram in general.
To get the hyperlink make sure you post the link to your page on a seperate line by itself

Also keen to hear what people love and hate about the gram, and what fingerboarding content they want to see.

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I like the profiles, filters, chat and notifications…and the sheer amount of fingerboarders and fingerboarding stuff on there


I like how easy it is to share edits with others. I’d wish IG would update its video player, it’s lacking some very basic features that would make viewing and sharing edits so much better like time scrolling.


Like @skatemaster231 I also like Instagram because it’s easy to share edits and photos with others but I don’t really find a lot of problems other than lack here and there.


I really like how IG brings the community together better than YouTube could, but the video player and converter is a little rough and the fact you can only have a video up to a certain time limit kinda sucks also. Overall though it’s really cool to see the creativity people have to offer to the community.


@x._fb it’s cool to see other people coming up and getting really good



I love stories for basic shit. I especially look forward to edits and generally posts from my fav riders.


I’ve only recently migrated to instagram and can see the benefit of it and the appeal. I will miss the 2 - 3 minute minis or edits on YT, but things have to move on I guess.

People are getting very creative now with tricks (cough wolfgag cough) so it’s awesome to see it, plus instagram is all you need to see it, just quick and easy to watch, replay and like etc.

good stuff.





What’s up guys I just started posting on my ig would appreciate some love :heart:@ballrigg

#12 I will join you back! Also if anyone ever wonders how to keep Instagram clean from ghost followers and span here’ a little hack I found by my self. Enjoy!


POSSESSED FINGERBOARDS ! go check my work :smiley:


Not the best at posting content all the time but enjoy how easy it makes it for the community to come together a little easier in a sense with it such a popular platform.


@pretedecks :+1:t2:




my personal account:

my fb account:


Welcome bro


This is my insta.
I personally like Instagram pretty much. It’s a nice platform for sharing content and conecting people. But like every other social media it’s not that personal, many haters and so on. But I don’t mind. For me ist’s just for the fun and inspiration :smiley: