Opinions on Gecko Grip from Teak Tuning


Hi all hoping this area is proper place to post a question I went through the forum and the general section seemed most fitting lol.

My question is for anyone who has tried any of the differnt ‘Gecko Grips’ from the teak Tuning website? I have some of the knock off type riptape from broken knuckle finger boards on my current set up and when I was looking at purchasing a new complete from Teak Tuning to test their products I notice they had an array of interesting looking grip tapes, so if anyone here can give me any sort of info or opinions on what kinds are good/best or worth trying at all before I place my order. I contemplated buying the test kit with a sheet of ever type of grip they offer however I’d rather not spend 12$ on tapes I may not like when I could just as easily get opinions on what I should stock up on multiple sheets of. Thanks finger flippers :slight_smile:


I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been fingerboarding for about 1.5 years, and I still use broken knuckle tape. It doesn’t really bother me so much, but depending on how long you have been fingerboarding for, you might want something better. If so, I suggest the original uncut riptape. never tried it myself, but it is a well known brand with a good reputation. (as long as you don’t get slim and catchy, that stuff is kinda specific to a certain style of fingerboarding, which can go both ways, good or bad)