Open Registrations!


How do I fix my registration if I used gmail.con in the email by accident? I can’t use that user name now, but I want to. Can you message me?


Hey I made a new account, the old ones are gone? Also I left as a Global Moderator and don’t mind helping out again. Stoked thank you!


Hey Drake! Unfortunately, this forum is not connected to the original database.


Hey Chris I’m really digging your sig I’m shattered I didn’t think of that :facepunch:




Dude that’s what’s up


Soo epic to see FFI back up and running, really missed it, is hands down my favourite fingerboarding home base. Thanks for bringing it back for the scene to enjoy :beers:


New here!!!


Awesome! Are signatures going to be able to be a thing?


Its not possible with a vanilla version of the forum. Luckily there is a plugin that @cdplaya0 can install.


you know so much more about discord than I do lol


I’ll install the plugin @jacob linked!


Ah man what a day! Been back into fingerboarding a couple weeks, so glad to see this site up again
Hello everyone! Anyone from England on here?


I have not been on this message board in so many years and I highly doubt I know anyone here as my name has not been a relevant one in the community for quite some time but it’s great to see it hasn’t died, keep up the good work!


Mr Dis Craniels, thanks for inviting an old fart like me to the new FFI :grinning::+1:


Yo Thomas!! You’re welcome :smiley:



Although I agree that FFI is part if fingerboarding history, why don’t we move the forum to a subreddit? Much easier and better imo. Makes the community much more active.


Quick question - is there going to be registrations for global moderators?


Probably not @Fngr.Brd


Oh that’s sweet