Old/Discontinued products


that berlinwood bottom ply… i miss those


I love FLAKED decks :smile:
Will never ride anything else! But sadly they’re not made anymore so I gotta get every decks I can get my hands on haha
Which worked out really good so far :smiley:
So here’s my collection:


Found this picture from Fabian who used to ride for my team: (Yellow decks from 2009)

Shop Deck from 2009

Some real OG Decks in there, Simon Cartledge Pro Model, Cannaboard, First version of Piratenholz, Berlin Woods with Multi Colour Sprinkles…


OMG you’ve got my 2nd ever pro deck! I LOVED that thing! Was really happy with that graphic haha.

Bet that was from 2003/2004!



A couple of my old flaked decks


Any chance I coud get that Berlinwood (middle row, 2nd from right)?




I’ll have to post a bunch of my stuff to here proper at some point down the road… but I’ll share something I happen to have on hand that is one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.

This is a Primo deck that I was given by @drinkball in a purchase I made over Instagram after I had mentioned I’ve been working on gathering older decks and that there were a few companies I may never find decks from, such as Primo, Vegas, Heart Attack, Cannaboard, etc. but thanks to him I was lucky to check one of those off my list, and I’ll tell you what it blew my mind.


I always liked primo decks. They always looked well made but Brandon never seemed to hype them up massively.


I’ll keep you in mind if I ever find any of my old Vegas decks. I kow I stashed away all my old pro model and I have a Dan Mecler pro model somewhere.


He didn’t want to make a bunch. I wonder what happened to him


Dude that would be mad exciting, I really appreciate it!! :smiley: they’ve always seemed like nice decks haha.


My first wooden board. I was proud as Oskar :grin:

Close Up
26mm wide

might be from 2010 i don’t really know.


They weren’t the best built, but they performed amazingly lol. That was my favorite fb brand ever. My boy Raymond was ahead of the curve for a while. He made checker core deck’s that were crazy


The last time I spoke to him he was promising a comeback… But that was about 5 years ago!

I really liked Vegas too. Felt really legit!

I’d love an Athena, Empire, Cocaine, Priest, Vegas, spode, waste! So many good companies! I had a few Martin decks but my mum through out all of my fb stuff when I was about 16!



Kulture metal bottom custom deck, actually i purchased off this forum many years ago. The guy who made these used to make the most amazing splitply decks. The craftsmanship is one of the best ive ever seen.


Berlinwood Longboard
Shen Deck with the most twisted shape I’ve seen
Piratenholz/Prete collabo, still don’t know who has the other half
La Cosca
Wupperworkshop with carbon ply and the sick packaging it used to have
Berlinwood with three graphics


Such an epic collection bro. I think prete and piratenholz should do another colab


Here is my first ever set up:)) I unfortunately left it in a cab when I was abroad :frowning:

It’s a MFI (Manila Fingerboarding Inc) 30mm deck, MFI trucks + wheels, FBS Extra Smooth, and FlatFace Team Bushings<3

P.s. first post :smile: