Old/Discontinued products


A place to share any products from old or discontinued companies, I’m interested to see what you have!


Here are some of mine to start off:

A decade, stubby deck, and some joycults from about 2016.


1)Evolve (newer gen 2010ish?)
2) Woodguest Flatface graphic (2011ish?)
3) Shortwood (2008ish?)
4 Yellowood (first or second run of graphics)
5) Evolve Jader Graphic (2008ish or so)


This is my oldest deck I have on me, I have some others at my parents house. Flatface G13 from ~2012.



Homewood M6 custom (my pro model had longer kicks and was 29mm) circa 2007
Flatface G5 (or maybe g6 idk)
Riptape bushings/hardware
FBS that’s so damn dead and smooth now.


berlinwood engraved

prete kura g2 metal heart

lunarbomb deck with flatface bearingless core wheels


berlinwood wide

no comply sesh savers

substance bearingless wheels

prete kura g2 4 ply


decades <3333


Wow that is a massive collection! And yeah I miss decade the craftsmanship of his decks are really high quality. Oh well


A couple of Holy Love boards I was lucky enough to get before they went out of business.


Scott B. Cat Graphic


a very rare 2010 Berlinwood “Berlin Wall” graphic, with FlatFace clouds, and a Sam Aronies FlatFace G14, with Flatface Cream Cheese wheels.


Wooooah that engraved G13 and the two setups above me are dope. I forgot about that Sam graphic, but I always really liked it.


Morning wood aliminium wheels

Yellowood brownie deck


Some “og” dynamics, Techdeck Independent stamped baseplates, the original closeup coffin, an old frost FBS deck, an old 29mm no comply, a BKF back when he actually pressed them himself before he started getting them from China, and an old Shop deck


Prete Custom Shape (thanks @Petrum!), Evolve, Berlinwood old mold, Arctic!


Old lowpro ‘axe ramps’ deck with substance dual wheels


Lowpro made a mysterious Instagram post about a month ago, hope it means an eventual comeback. I’ve always wanted to try their decks.


Another of my lowpro decks


Lowpro’s are such beautiful decks!