Now Fingerboards Production


I’m an enthusiast and fingerboarder , sound producer&designer, graphic designer and I make the fingerboard decks from quality furnir wood and have my own unique design.
I make my boards with unique colors and use the crayons from my childhood which is like really precious to me cause the era of 20+ years ago.
Every deck has its own unique graphics colors and it’s totally handmade colored and lacquered.
The style of the colored graphic will always be different because the Now Fingerboards have the much deeper philosophy than just a color and a graphic.
They are completely handmade polished&sandpapered and they come in sizes with the width of 31,32,33 mm # 100,101,102,103,104,105 mm length.
I use my own handmade mold and my boards have their own old school shapes like the skateboards from 80s&90s with the different pop on the tail and nose.
They are made in Europe, country Serbia, little town Loznica with beautiful parks, woods and super friendly positive energy from a rooftop with huge Fingerpark and super heavy Pipe for fingerboarding.
You can write me on my email exact details in which size you want your board.
And of course, for every board, there is a grip tape coming with the pack.


The link is incorrect hehe


Hey there Cory thanks for letting me know the link is incorect!
Hire is the correct one


They are going to come in this kinda packages because I am the recycle dude who doesn’t want to make “Cool” packages for the Boards and in some future there will be a sticker for every deck you order.