New Tech Deck Forum!


Sign up today on our new Tech Deck forum! The next best upcoming fingerboard community. Post and invite your friends!


The “shop” takes you to another link on This can’t be real or set-up by Tech Deck…


This is fake.

Be careful, guys.


We’re a fan forum, we just launched. Features may or may not be available during beta testing!


What is fake about it?


Nobody cares.


Thank you for your feedback… Obviously there are people like me that care about the fingerboard scene.


went to forum
buy/sell/trade thread
first post: Mallory form Unique decks
“…new fourm? cool!”
plugs her decks with pics and website
“Much love everyone”
first responder: Ben “administrator”
“It would be a lot better if you didn’t use the copyrighted images from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…”

wow lol no thanks, im not about immediate shithead attitudes like that. especially from an “administrator” to a reputable company having a great attitude about being apart of your site.


Hey there! It’s cool you made a new forum for Tech Decks, but I think one has existed already and hasn’t been active in a very long time.

In any case, I’m sure your FFI contribution would have been more accepted if you started an official Tech Deck thread on this website instead of advertising a separate forum.

I would also be careful, especially in regards to copyrights, as some quick research shows that Tech Deck has been known to shut down non-affiliated websites that use the Tech Deck branding.


Hey, did you even see the images? Copyrighted material on our site isn’t allowed.

Anyway, we plan on being the one and only Tech Deck forum.


Thank you for your feedback. That forum is inactive and 10 years old.

We are a new active community with big plans. Feel free to join our discussions!


Haha, I´m funning fingerboardTV since 2009 bro, so I care about the scene. You shouldn´t try to split the online scene and use this fingerboard core forum. It´s the most traditional forum in the scene, so why making another one?!


This Tech Deck forum is not official. It seems to be very hypocritical to complain about copyrighted material when you have clearly used the Tech Deck name and graphics without permission.

My other concerns echo what @martin_fingerboardTV said. We really shouldn’t fracture the online global/English fingerboarding scene any more, especially during this quiet period for forums. Most people seem to be on Instagram right now, so forums are relatively quiet. I was on most versions of the original official Tech Deck forums, and most users wanted to be on here - FingerFlipInc.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am a huge Tech Deck fan, collector, and all-round skateboard/fingerboard/handboard amateur/enthusiast dude. However, there ARE official Tech Deck social channels that already exist, like their Instagram and Facebook. Credit to them, they’re actually very active too.

Why not hit up the official channels, or start a discussion here?


In no way do we claim to be the official forum, we are a fan forum. Fan websites are allowed. Tech Deck doesn’t have a community for fans to interact with each other, only social media to see news and updates. We have already contacted Tech Deck, they aren’t interested in working with 3rd party sites but maybe in the future they will.


It’s pretty inconsiderate to try and peddle your forum on the best fingerboard forum that ever existed after we have just opened up again. Issuing rule breaking copyright warnings when you have clearly ripped off the official Tech Deck logo and literally blatantly disregarding your own sites rules is incredibly hypocritical.

If you cared about or paid proper attention to the fingerboard scene you wouldn’t even attempt to pass off as a “Tech Deck” forum, which will always be notoriously known for being a place you visit once and quickly move on. Like you mentioned above, you saw the forums have been inactive for 10 years so you’ve seen an opportunity but there is no way you’re a fingerboarder, at least, not like we’re fingerboarders.

I’m closing this thread. If you make your own unique logo that is not owned by Tech Decks IP we can talk about you possibly advertising here again in the future.