New Setup


In another topic of mine, (It asked about you guys’ favorite wheels,) I mentioned that I was waiting to set up a new deck for my Winkler Fatmans. Well, the deck came today, and I have set it up

The setup: ProLeisure Fingerboards Japanese Rising Sun custom deck, Blackriver Trucks 32mm
(Gold baseplate silver hangar) Winkler Wheels Fatmans, red and white teak tuning, and sponsormetape to top it all off.

Pre Setup:

Here’s the setup in all of its Glory:

So, what do you guys think? Show me your setups too. Really love to see what you guys ride.


Clean setup! My favorite wheels are Oaks, I don’t have a pair right now but they are coming soon :slight_smile: I plan on swapping these FF Street Wheels for them once they arrive.

Berlinwood Wide I setup a few days ago


Skowood (33,5mm)
Y-Trucks x5


:smile: i like this 32 and joy cult!