New Jersey


For such a densely populated state, I hardly know any fingerboards around these parts. Where you at?


You found me!

I don’t advertise myself much though. My immediate friends know I’m into fingerboarding, but I don’t really do anything to seek out any other riders in the area. If I wasn’t already going to Woodward this weekend, I’d totally consider trying out Rendezvous, however!


I’m down here chilling in South Jersey while most fingerboarders are in North.


I’m Somerset/Hunterdon county


What area?


I’m from the Monmouth/Ocean County area - we’re almost neighbors!


yeooOOOO Bergen County


First post on this forum. I just into fingerboarding about a month ago from a friend. I’m in Hamilton NJ 08610. Is there a decent scene in NJ? Is there any stores to buy things rather than the internet? Cheers.


I hope someone can prove me wrong, but I feel like the scene is almost non-existent here.

Ironically and coincidentally though, I met another fellow fingerboarder at my local skatepark yesterday. I noticed all the FlatFace and Blackriver stickers on his helmet and I had to ask him what deck he rode. He had his setup in his car and it was a decked out Catfishbbq with Dynamic rails, Blackriver trucks, and Oak Bowls. I couldn’t believe it, as he’s the only sign of NJ fingerboard life I’ve ever encountered.

He was saying he didn’t know where to find all the meetups, so I told him about FFI and I hope he joins!


What skatepark were you at? Also, are there any meet ups around here or Philly is probably closest for me.


Unfortunately there are not any physical stores you can walk in and buy fingerboarding stuff unless it’s tech deck. There is a very, very slim chance that a local skateshop may have something, but I doubt it.

Basically everything is online. Best place to buy stuff for US residents is Flatface or Fingerboard store in Germany (insanely reasonably priced and reliable shipping).

Enjoy the ride though, fingerboarding is such a fun and addictive hobby.


It’s just a tiny, no-name park about 10 minutes from where I live. I’m in the Ocean county area. I wish there were better places to skate around here - I lived in Philly for a few years and the skatepark options were much better down there.


Yeah I’ve been to Paines Plaza before, super fun.