New Jersey Fingerboard event!


Just curious if people would be interested! It would be held in Flanders, NJ at my friend Travis’ Campground. I believe if you would like to tent camp overnight we would be able to accommodate a few people for free (Don’t quote me on that) If you have an RV you could stay over with their standard lot rates. Or you could just fingerboard for the day! Either way it should be fun! For those familiar with the airflo summer tours, this is the location of the 2013 and 2014 New Jersey stop. Flyer and more details to come, just curious what the interest would be!


Definitely would be down!


Are there usually accommodations for those who want to skate around at all? In reality I think I’d end up being too shy to attend, but having a good place to skate around there might convince me otherwise!


U already know :metal:


I could get behind this idea!


hell ye i’d go to this