Need some beginner advice.


10 years ago I decided that I wanted to learn how to fingerskate. I ordered a couple of Z Shred decks, some ramps from Germany, and one good set of wheels. It was a time when you searched the Tech Decks at Kmart for models with colored trucks and grabbed them. Then I got hit by a major project at work that took all my energy and learning to fingerskate was put on hold. Now I am retired and picking up hobbies. Yoyo, fishing, bass guitar, and fingerskating. Even got a real skateboard. A cruiser. I could use some advice on some good Youtube videos and setting up a couple of decks.

Youtube: Any suggestions on good channels for beginners to learn how to fingerskate and how to set up decks? I’ve been searching but there is SO much junk out there that is not worth watching. I did find Kelsey Fingerboards which has a few tutorials but I want more.

Setups: I have two Z Shred decks from 2009 with Tech Deck trucks and wheels. I’d like to set them up two different ways and see what works best for me. Different bushings is one thing that really interest me. Any suggestions on setting them up is really appreciated.


Welcome back to the world of fingerboarding bro. As far as YouTube tutorials go, there are many good ones, one that I go back to time and again is “Disney Motion” just search Disney motion fingerboarding and you should be right.
Bushings are such a personal thing depending on how you ride, I’m a huge SouthSoft fan, but there are a ton of other great companies out there like dislocation, level up and a ton more. Sing out if u want any more guidance