My First Video Share


My friend got me this awesome Blackriver ledge last week and using it made me want to post my first short video. I think it turned out pretty decent for an iPhone edit :+1:

  1. Switch Blunt Stall Kickflip Out
  2. Backside Bigspin Bag Lady (I meant to 50-50)
    Edit: Maybe it’s a Fakie Backside Feeble? Hmm…


Get all the Tricks and unicorns​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::ok_hand:


yeah, quite nice for a firts one! And i always want to see those unicorns :kissing_heart::yum:


Haha that was the wrapping paper he used to gift wrap the ledge. I thought it would be cool and trendy to use as a backdrop :ribbon: /s

I dabble in video editing as a hobby, usually in programs like After Effects, Final Cut, and Resolve. I used an iPhone this time and I found the slow motion slider controls, especially in the iMovie App, to be incredibly hard to use. The spots I wanted to slow down were only about a second in length each, which made it super difficult to position them perfectly without a larger screen.