Mid-west fingerboard event! Everyone welcome!


Hi, my name is Reece and I will be hosting a Midwest fingerboard event at my house on Saturday March 10th! It is located in Dayton, Ohio and there will be raffles, prizes, free drinks, and most importantly, fingerboarding!! Please dm me via Instagram (@daytonfingerboarder) is you are interested in coming :blush::blush::heart:️ Here’s a flyer also:


Dang. I am in the Mid-west but Dayton is still over 8 hours away.


What’s up Dayton! I hope it goes great! I also hope to see you at the block party! Sadly I won’t be able to make it to this one.


Dang man, that sucks :frowning: I’d love to meet you! If you can’t make it to this one maybe we can link in the future :smiley::clap::two_hearts:


It’s all good man! Can’t wait to meet you at the block party!! :grin:


were you at the last block party?


Nope, but i know Ted, he’s been up here a couple times. I’m pretty stoked to head down for it.


there is also one in minnesota aug 25 2019 at hamel community in medina