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I never said it was or wasn’t the industry standard, what I’m saying is authorised method shmethod… this is a thread to discuss different processes of making decks and I was responding to someone asking for a suggestion to make his decks stronger but you two would rather be smart asses over the shemantics of crossing plys. This cross ply stuff has already been discussed early in the topic. I was simply pointing out that reading the thread might help them achieve success with a example, if that’s okay if you two millennials…?


There are so many different things to try out to make your decks stronger! That is why deck making has never gotten boring over the last 15 years!
Try different veneer thicknesses: I use 0.4mm veneer to print on for my bottom plies, so i use a 0.8mm veneer as a middle ply in order for the deck to have the same overall (if not more) strength like a deck made of 5x 0.6mm veneer.

Even the sanding of the deck of the nose and tail, where to board makes contact when doing an ollie for example, makes a difference from my experience.
Or try using a different clear coating and be patient with it. 3-4 thin coats, high grain sanding and then another 2 coats will give you a better pop than doing 2 thick layers, which take ages to dry and pool up at the tail and nose, making the pop feel different.

Experimenting is key! And havin fun with it!

As to the cross ply discussion: The only reason for cross plying i hear are “it gives you better pop” and “they do it with real skateboards”… As to why it is neccessary on a fingerboard, noone seems to know :wink: ! I guess it is for everyone to try out, if you are happy with your boards then keep using your method and don’t let anyone tell you differently :slight_smile:


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try more pressure when you are pressing the boards :wink:


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Can everyone please just chill out. DM each other if you want to have an insult war. This forum should be constructive and friendly.


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the topic seems pretty dead now, but i’d like to ask you all something.Does someone uses brush to apply wood varnish ? I’ve always used sprays, but i find that most of the varnish goes to waste and i’d like to try and use brush.


If you use a brush, you run the risk of the bristles falling out and getting stuck in the fingerboard which then requires you to remove them which distorts the lacquer. I think spray is far superior as it’s so easy to apply it evenly.


If you use a very fine sandpaper before spraying on the laquer, you dont need to use that much… 2coats, then fine sanding and a final coat and it should be really smooth


Thanks ! I’ll give it a try


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