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Would someone share reliable veneer sources in Europe that don’t have 20+ euro for shipping ? I found one but from 10 sheets i only end up using 5, because the thickness in inconsistent. I tried to contact some veneer manufacturers, but they don’t want to work with small quantities. All help is apreciated


In Europe its very hard to get veneer for a cheap price, i had the same problem. In the end i asked a carpenter and sometimes i get a bunch for free… :slight_smile:


The price in not really the problem, but i find the shipping quite expensive. Looks like i’ll just have to order a bigger quantity and hope for a good quality of the veneer.


I have started making my own 5-ply boards, using maple all the way through. I properly cross the grain and crank the mold in my vise really tight, but I can’t seem to get much pop from my boards. I use gorilla glue and cross 2 out of the 5 plies, alternating every other ply. Any ideas as to what’s happening?


What mold are you using ? I once got a board from wooden mold that had the worst pop ever. Have you tried with other sheet of the veneer ? Leave the plys in the sun for a couple of days and try again


Read the thread man, there’s some useful info up the top like not needing to cross your plies, ect


Not crossing your plies is more a thought, than an „authorized“ method. Almost all the quality boards you will get, will have crossed plies.


How long do you press them?


Really? because all the best deck makers up there were saying they don’t cross plies, since they are well known deck makers and you’re nobody I think I will considered their methods “authorised” over anything you say. Ps. Go F yourself :kissing_heart:


Prete said he did, right. And he shurely is someone in deck-making.
It’s been some time, since i read it, but i think hes was the only one here, woh said so. (you’re weclome to correct me, if i am wrong :wink: )
And i’ve hearde of no-one else, who does it.
But there shurely is noc crime in doing it :wink:


I’m sure Peter has his reasons for not cross plying, but it’s been pushed so much back in the day that it’s considered improper deck making to have all your plys run straight. Izilly used to never cross-ply his decks until Bakko started to recommend that he did. There are only so many ways to skin a cat, and the same can be said about deck making. Cross plying or not depends on your ideology, materials, and experience. If Peter feels that having straight ply decks results in a better feeling pop for him, so be it. If the industry standard is to cross-ply, don’t just blindly follow it, but understand the reasoning for it.


I never said it was or wasn’t the industry standard, what I’m saying is authorised method shmethod… this is a thread to discuss different processes of making decks and I was responding to someone asking for a suggestion to make his decks stronger but you two would rather be smart asses over the shemantics of crossing plys. This cross ply stuff has already been discussed early in the topic. I was simply pointing out that reading the thread might help them achieve success with a example, if that’s okay if you two millennials…?


There are so many different things to try out to make your decks stronger! That is why deck making has never gotten boring over the last 15 years!
Try different veneer thicknesses: I use 0.4mm veneer to print on for my bottom plies, so i use a 0.8mm veneer as a middle ply in order for the deck to have the same overall (if not more) strength like a deck made of 5x 0.6mm veneer.

Even the sanding of the deck of the nose and tail, where to board makes contact when doing an ollie for example, makes a difference from my experience.
Or try using a different clear coating and be patient with it. 3-4 thin coats, high grain sanding and then another 2 coats will give you a better pop than doing 2 thick layers, which take ages to dry and pool up at the tail and nose, making the pop feel different.

Experimenting is key! And havin fun with it!

As to the cross ply discussion: The only reason for cross plying i hear are “it gives you better pop” and “they do it with real skateboards”… As to why it is neccessary on a fingerboard, noone seems to know :wink: ! I guess it is for everyone to try out, if you are happy with your boards then keep using your method and don’t let anyone tell you differently :slight_smile:


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try more pressure when you are pressing the boards :wink:


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