Lakewood Productions


Howdy y’all, I figured it was about time that I made this post on here.

Lakewood Productions, and in turn Lakewood Fingerboards is a company established in 2009 in Huron, Ohio. With four different shapes under our belt of options, along with expanding our shape options for choice as well.

I’m not going to fill this post with a bunch of useless information about “How good my product is” or "why this is a better choice than other options"
I am not here to try and pitch sales, I have my main account for that. Rather, the point of this post channel is so that I can catalog the projects I’ve worked on in the past and progress on the current projects at hand. I’ll do my best to keep my posts captivating and exciting but I won’t make any promises.
In any case, if interested please do check out my work from my Instagram page and on my website as well if you’re interested!


Holy shit! These are some of the greatest splits i’ve seen. Love the Fur-Bans!


Doooood… his decks freaking rock! I have a few myself so far, and definitely want more. Lol


Figured I should make my first image upload here an interesting one, and showcase the two new sizes I’ve been working on. 29mm by 96mm, and 26mm by 96mm both done on router templates of my own design. So far both perform fantastic, so there will be a mini stock of them for cheap on the site soon.


Never tried any of these, but as @GoFFingerboards said.
The Splits look tasty! Hopefully anytime soon i can try one of those :slight_smile:
Thank you for the Post :slight_smile:


100% good looking decks. Looking forward for more.


Been riding these decks for close to 10 years. Never had a bad one.

Ily brandon