Kamelpro Welcome Video


This has been a long time coming, but I am now flow for Kamelpro Fingerboards!

This announcement should have come sooner, but there were delays with testing the boards, coronavirus affecting my work, and a bonanza of filming and editing glitches like you’ve never seen before. I’m just glad the video is finally done!

Huge thanks to Phil for his patience and support. Go check out www.kamelprofingerboards.com for everything you need for fingerboarding!

For veteran fingerboarders who remember me, you will notice I have rebranded this channel to be consistent with my Instagram. Maybe I’ll upload more full edits here like the good old forum days!

If you’re wondering, I am still also flow for Tech Deck. I know this appears to conflict, but flow is the only lowest level of sponsorship where I only get flowed products occasionally and do not receive payment from anyone. I was asked to make a part, so I obliged!