Whats up guys! My name is Christian Gonzales and I run Kalye here in San Diego California. First of all, its insane to see FFI back. I was part of the original FFI and Ive always wanted to make a fingerboard brand but never had the sources to do so. Here we are today! I started Kalye with a friend just a year ago, December 1st 2016 I made my first deck (It was horrible). We started Kalye to show a something different in the fingerboard community, we wanted to show everyone about the philippine street culture. Kalye means street in english, we grew up in the Philippines and we wanted to share some experiences with you guys! Looking forward of seeing this forum grow more then it ever did before! Heres a few links to keep updated with Kalye, I also make YouTube videos and make fingerboard vlogs!




Here is my work!