Joycult bearing fit problem


Hey there everyone.

I got these joys a week ago, from the first day on the wheels(3 of them) move like they dont fit with the bearings, i have push them back into place every 5 mins or so. My xl’s didnt have this problem. Anything i can do to remedy this?


I would contact their customer support. There is a link on their website. They’re usually pretty good about fixing problems. Might take some time but Matt might hook you up with another set of wheels.


Thanks for the reply, i did contact them. Matt said hes gonna sort me out!!


Bearing slippage has always been an issue with Joycults, sadly. Some are worse than others. But the urethane feels though, too good!


Tell me about it. Never had the problem with FF wheels.

EDIT: I actually contacted Matt and he was excellent with customer service helping me with my bearing fit problem. he also replied super fast which is great :slight_smile:


Thank You Cory!

On a side note; We revised the design a bit and tightened up the lock system! It was working great, but after some feedback of the initial wheels, we made some tweaks which affected this system. Glad you had a good customer service experience, and thank you for the support!