Introduce Yourself!


hey guys, never knew, this section existed but hgere we go :smiley:

im silas, @inQntrol_fb on instagram, 23 years of age and from germany. ive been fingerboarding for like 8 years but had a 2-3 years break in between. the only events ive been to were the southwestern germany championship twice and the blackriver germany tour but im definitely going to the ASI 10 this year.

altho i own a big collection of different decks from alot of brands, i have yet to find that perfect size or shape…

my favourite tricks are probably 360 shuvs and no complies.


Hey all,

My name is Nano (@nano__fb) on insta & I’m from sunny Arizona :cactus:. I’m 22 years old and have been fingerboarding since 2006.

I’m so happy to be apart of FFI especially since when I was younger it was impossible to get an account on here. I love fingerboarding and the community around it. I stopped fingerboarding for a while but it’s always with you no matter what so I decided to start back up. I’m a strong believer in that fingerboarding should be for fun, creativity & community, not for only trying to get sponsorships & handouts. With that being said I’m happy to be here and being able to meet fellow fingerboarders.



Hey Everyone!

I’m Benjamin, ig handle is native__fb, from Charlotte, NC. I am 29. Just started fingerboarding in January. I’ve been skateboarding for 19 years, and was just recently introduced to fingerboarding. Became addicted after my first kickflip! My favorite trick is bigspin back tails.


Hi my name is Hansen, I was most likely born without a first name, so everyone just says Hansen.
When I am not crooked grinding 44‘s phone at the oval office, I am working 24/7 to survive in this capitalistic shithole called western world.
I lived in a lot of different places over the years both in Germany and Denmark. Currently my habitat is called Dortmund and whenever I find any spare time, I go to THE STEIG (Soul Transmitting Experimental Interieur Garbage) upcycling an old tavern/bodega together with Timo Lieben and Martin Winkler.
I started fingerboarding in the 80‘s, or at least that is, when I got my first key chain boards.
When reading youtube comments saying „fat fingers!“ you will have found a fingerboard clip featuring me.
I was never really good at skateboarding/fingerboarding but in both cases it helped adding some dork tricks from time to time.
I hope I will be able to post a lot here, but f…k, to be honest I am such a lazy ass, people will have to kick my ass constantly keeping me motivated.
Nevertheless I am glad to see FFi resurrected and in order to celebrate this digital fingerboard Frankenstein I might look for some old pictures, stories etc. to be posted here…
much love


Hey guys,

My name is Garrett Bauman, I don’t have any sponsors. At one point I was part of the Vegas Fingerboards and TNT Grip Squads and then Wasted Fingerboards with Raymond Rivera, Dan Mecler, Kevin Saari, Travis Appelwood, and Nick Allen. This was way back in 2004-2005, I would assume. Right now I just have techdecks, good to be back!


The man himself!!! <3


Yo Garrett! Great to see a fellow Vegas rider here! So far it’s you, Nick Allen and I that are around :slight_smile:

I’ll hit up Travis on facebook to see if he still fingerboards!


Awesome man! That’s hilarious, I happened to see something on instagram about this place being back and I had to see it for myself.


what up it’s josh also known as vacation_co on insta
i started fingerboarding in mid 2016 and as of now i currently have my own company
we sell granite,concrete,and metal obstacles
right now i’m rocking a lana del rey mushroom deck, series sevens, cherry tape, and some arm kandys


Im a canadian near montreal and im back in figerboarding after 10 years of break you all know what it is


Hey all, completely forgot I haven’t done this so yeah,

My name is Elliott, I’m from the UK, London area to be specific. I’m 21 years old and have been fingerboarding since 2009 ish (I used to be awful), but took it a bit more seriously in 2010, 2011. Buying better gear, actually trying to improve etc. I took a long break in 2013 ish and have only just returned in the last month or so. I also skate but am nowhere near as good haha. I’m big into music, play guitar and bass.

I used to make videos years ago on my old channel (MrElliottBlock) but have taken those videos down since. I wasn’t nearly as good as I am today.
The only videos of me left on Youtube are on my friend Rory’s channel (@Toebex)

I will replace them on my newly made instagram account (@1510eb) I’m still getting used to it all so give me time :joy: I’ve managed to make an edit and a few random clips so far.

I’ve met so many great people through fingerboarding and I’m looking forward to making many more. Hopefully we can get some more events going in the UK! Shout outs to Xi, @Rthecruz, @Toebex, everyone on here and the /r/fingerboarding Discord.

It’s nice to see FFI back, I use to be on FBHQ all the time, I had an account on the old FFI but never really used it properly. I’ve missed the forum life.

But that’s about it really. I’m always around if you wanna chat or chill.

Cheers lads.



Your Entry for Hit the line 2009 is still in my personnal top 10 best fingerboard thing ever! Glad to see you here !


HIt me up if you wanna sesh !


thank you :+1::grinning: that was fun to film


Hi everyone! My name is Antonio González and I’m from Spain. I have been fingerboarding for 4 years and I love it. Fingerboarding is my life. I’m always making new ramps, or filming videos (which I never post xD) or watching videos on YouTube. My favourite trick is treflip crooked. I think that we have to change the vision that people have about fingerboarding, and this is a good place to do that! So, I’m glad to be here!


Sa serais cool mais je dois encore pratiquer un peu :sweat_smile:


Sup bitches. I’m Jess Manyoky, 22 years old currently going to school in Philly as Drexel University.

I started fingerboarding around 05/06 and joined FFI in late07/early 08. Damn I missed this place and I’m so happy that I decided to type in the address to see what’s up. The countless hours I spent on this forum back in my middle school days are a time in my life that I’ll never forget. Truly made some memories and friends for life from those times.


Hey, I’m Johnny Salazar, 21 years old currently studying graphic design in Madrid Spain.

I’ve been fingerboarding since 2008, i got my own fb company called Northcone Fingerboards, i joined FFI couple years ago, i was used to post all my fb videos here haha “spam” , i’m glad to see this forum again! Hit me up if you wanna collab on videos or do something else, greeeeets!

ig: @johnnyfsb
yt: Johnny Salazar



Hey everybody! I’m David Turner. I’m 24 years old, and have been fingerboarding down in South Jersey since 2008.

I organized several fingerboard meetups in the Philly area when I was in high school, the largest having around 20-30 people attend from the tri-state area and New York. I basically dropped out of the scene around 2010, but I’ve been lurking and watching videos and coming to Airflo Rails Tour stops whenever I get the chance. Fingerboarding has been a really integral part of my life, crazy to think I’ve been doing it now for 10 years.

Glad to see FFI back! Hopefully I can rejoin the scene and get to learn more about this hobby of mine!


hi, im alex aka imprintafter on instagram. currently living in seattle, washington. ive been fingerboarding since 2006 and was fairly active/annoying on the older ffi forum. glad that the forum got revamped! looking forward to talking to all of you!