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So I’m Todd Cuzzort, Owner of No Comply. I started NoCo in early 2008. Took a hiatus around the end of 2013 to open a vape store. After selling the business a year ago, and taking a year off to catch up with my wife and daughter, I decided it was time to come back the fingerboard world.

I got my first fingerboard around 1988 which was a Kevin Staab “Precision Fingerboard” which I still have. Skated when I was a kid as well.

Now I’m an old kat to the tune of 44 and want to make fingerboards again.

Thanks to Chris for reviving this place which is a huge part of my humble beginnings in 2008.


Great to have you around Todd!


@fingerboardcouch Welcome Sandra, you make epic couches :blush:


first of all, good to see Fingerflipinc is back! :slight_smile:

My name is Marcel, I’m 30 years old from Germany and I’ve been fingerboarding since 99/00.
If you want to know more, feel free to check out my Instagram: @marcelmink


Yo everyone! I’m Frederik Thomsen aka Frederikskate. I live in Denmark and started fingerboarding in 2012 and have been in love with it since then.

I am abseloutely insane about fingerboarding because we have no courts, no lanes, we don’t have to rely on any team or anyone. We come from so many different backgrounds and cultures, but fingerboarding is more than that. Fingerboarding connects us and brings us together. Fingerboarding is what drives me and keeps me moving forward. It’s my passion, my family, my life.

I have given so much of my life to fingerboarding, but fingerboarding has given me even more in return. It’s weird thinking that most of my friends comes from a little piece of wood and even more crazy how far this piece of wood have taken me. Its my lifeblood, it’s what makes me feel whole and it’s my connection to the world.


Wow. What a site!
Matt Parker / 24 / NH
I’ve been fingerboarding off and on since the first days of the techdeck. Always had one on me in school… doing tricks on my desk until the teacher took it away haha But this past July I really picked it back up, and started my Instagram account to post some clips.
My current favorite combo is a nollie impossible to 5-0, but if I had to pick one trick it would have to be the treflip. Aside from fingerboarding, music is my passion. I’ve played drums in my band Promise Me Empires since high school, but I play many other instruments and spend a lot of time in my home studio! My schedule can be tight because I also own a local massage business with my beautiful wife, but when I have free time… you know I’m fingerboarding :ok_hand:t3:


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Yo I’m Ben,
24 Years old,
from :guernsey: Channel Islands, UK
started back in 2007 use to enjoy making my own cardboard decks with drink can bottom plys to help strengthen them and make DIY ramps for myself, but like allot I stopped for a few years but have started again in last few years. (Don’t make cardboard decks anymore :joy: )
Was never on the old FFI but very excited to be on a forum for fingerboarding and look forward to seeing how this goes!
Favourite trick: Kickflip backtail
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Hey guys, I am Tommy (@fbtwwfb on IG) , I am 21, and probably fingerboarding for about 10 years. I was so serious about 6 years ago, an active member of FFI, and was so focused on getting sponsored. My life revolved around fingerboarding. But then I got burnt out. Fast forward to about 2 months ago I picked up a board again and fell back in love. This time I am skating because I enjoy it. I bought a brand new set up (BW, Oaks, BRT, FBS grip) and in love. I have a hard time finding the time to skate as I am about to be in my 5th year of pharmacy school (Its a 6 year program you graduate as a doctor). I love raving, going to EDM festivals, and so on. Other than that I am so happy this scene is still thriving, and happy to be back!
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Hello! I’m Jess! Only been intensely fingerboarding since last September but I grew up with Tech Decks! I’m 20 years old and live in New York. I love photography and being able to bring that aspect into fingerboarding has made it all the more fun for me. Favorite trick has got to be a nice crisp kickflip into any grind or slide. Nice to meet everyone!


Hey my name is Dylan, i’ve been fingerboarding since i was a little guy lol.
Never was able to get a real wooden fingerboard until around 2015, then around 6 months ago I went from a broken knuckle setup to a real professional setup. It’s been a blast and i’ve loving every bit of it. Favorite trick has to be a nollie kickflip and heelflip


Hey there!

My name is Alfréd Kovács. I’m a Hungarian fingerboarder. I started popping the deck in 2002 and I haven’t stopped since. I love fingerboarding because it’s possibilities are endless: when I think I’m at my limit, I always find something new to learn, or do.
Tricks: my favorite is flatground. I like every kind of flips, especially late flips. :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m Tina, some may remember me, I recognise a few of you :slight_smile: never really went away, just a silent observer.

I’m 35 and from the UK, Bournemouth to be exact :slight_smile: love that FFI is back and I hope it is as successful and more so than before


Hey y’all,

I’m kelly anne, formerly known as… kelly anne on OG FFI. I was a lot more active on FBC, if yall were ever on there too.

I’m more of an occasional fingerboarder now, but I love keeping up with the culture. The kids on instagram r wild these days…

Nice to see something from my teenage years back in action!


dude whats this band of yours called?


Hello Raphael here!
Love fingerboarding, got me filming and travelling from a young age and met loads of friends hoping for many more!

Studying history in manchester, england and my home town is london
Only got back into it recently but already looking forward to travelling to ASI 10 :grin::grin:


What’s up guys? I’m David and I make Airflo Rails! I’ve been fingerboarding since mid- late 2007. I really enjoy the social aspect of fingerboarding!


" I got a homie who work metal shout out to david"

Ed got you on bars.


Hi there,

I’m Ege , 20 years old and getting back to fingerboarding after a 8 year hiatus. Unlike most of you i got into fingerboarding because my love of miniature things, i wasnt actually into skateboarding. But now i am:)

Happy shredding cheers