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Hi all!

I’m Chris Daniels. I live in beautiful Seattle, USA :evergreen_tree:.

Fingerboarding has played a huge role in my life since 1998. My favorite trick is kickflips and I love to fingerboard on super smooth cement! Shoutout to Flatface, Berlinwood, Blackriver and youngLords for keeping me going!


My name is Jana,
and I’m originally from the south of germany, but have been living in berlin since a couple of years ago.
I started around 2001 and was really active up until FastFingers 10 in 2007. I then basically quit untill 2017. When I came back quite a lot had changed but everyone welcomed me or even still knew me.

My favourite trick is probably a front heel or a switch frontside flip.


Hi Jana!

Glad to see you are back! That’s so cool that you were around during the early days of fingerboarding :grin:


Okay, well where to start…
Howdy y’all, my name is Brandon. I’m the owner of Lakewood fingerboards and I have been fingerboarding since about 2007. There’s a lot that could be said for what I’ve done in that amount of time spent in the hobby, but the simplest way I can put it is that while I’ve done a lot and have hit many milestones, there’s still a lot I look forward to doing. I’m happy to see FFI up and running again, this will be interesting I am sure!


Eric Parker here!

So excited to see FFI has returned and I am loving the new format. I was originally on FFI back in 08-10 but started fingerboarding before that in 2006. Had a long break from it until late 2016 but couldn’t be happier now that it’s a part of my life again. I ride for Five Luck and Cartwheels and am from Toronto, Canada!


I’m Kevin H :smile: aka Hanrahan on the old FFI
really happy to have a forum back up and running because I feel like having a central place for discussion is huge for helping fingerboarding grow
all i do is film full length parts and throw temper tantrums, go watch Crucify


Hi im Garth, im from queensland, Australia. Ive been fingerboarding for about 18 years now… not so much these days. But im trying to get back into it and make a couple of vids etc. Im a welder by trade so im also interested in making some unique rails and ramps.


I’m Jader Müller, fingerboarding since '98, i run Evolve since 2003, its kind of dead for the moment thanks to my shoulder, but it will be back eventually. I’m REALLY glad to see FFI back up and i hope everyone embrace it again. I know times have changed but imo we need a place like this. So lets make it happen again :v::v:


Yo what’s goin’ on guys! This is Sid aka Vicious274 back on FFI! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks Chris for bringing it back! So about me, my name is Sid from Ontario, Canada. I’ve been fb’ing since May 2009. Sponsored by Berlinwood and Flatface. Looking forward to chatting with all of you! Keep Fingerboarding!!! Two Fingers!!! Peace!!!


My name is Eddy I am also a fingerboardaholic. I first saw these in the 80’s been getting love for tricks and stuff. Support from No Comply, Homewood,Prete, Kalye, Flatface,Berlinwood, so many talented creators involved in the game blessed​:pray:t6::shamrock:️:heart:️:call_me_hand:t6::man_technologist:t6:


Hey all! Sorry for the delay. My name is Arnold, I’ve been fbing since 2006-7 (hard for me to say since it was so long ago) and I’ll always love what I do. My favorite trick is hardflip and I’ll pretty much do them into everything lol. I ride for Fingerboardconnoisseur and I love rails!


Hey everybody, I am Davo Francis, 27, Melbourne, Australia. I started fingerboarding in 2003, FFI since 04’. Unfortunately, for me, my reputation probably proceeds me. This means that my interactions with people can be minimal either because I have offended them in the past or they have friends who I have offended, ect… Don’t get me wrong I was a massive asshole in the past, due to my father passing away during my mid teens; eventually alinhating almost the entire scene with my “bar raising” methods and then in 2010 after releasing the best part of my whole life and receiving only 50 views and no comments I decided to hang my hat up and retire. Throughout my prime I was sponsored by some of the best known teams of all time (Prete and Modern) and collaborated with some of the best fingerboarders of all time. I was basically “The Australian” while Ammon was away for 2 years. In 2016 when I was invited to the FFI group on Facebook I decided that I wanted to see how it was with all the new product that was around and was slowly getting back into it. Then Ziggy, Ammon and Chico met up and had a session. The next session they invited me and I have been hyped ever since. Apparently I still come off like a jerk online, I guess some things never change but I’m trying to be better :nerd_face:


Hey folks. I´m Chris, better known as Hennemann. I life in the south of germany and started fingerboarding back in 2007. I was not that active in the last couple years but I´m really motivated in the last couple month. Some of you might known me, some of you not, but I´m glad to be back on FFI. So big shout out to Chris for making this happen.


hey people, im from Portugal and i started fingerboarding around 2013. I was very lucky to meet such great people in both the portuguese and international scene that really helped me evolve. Its great to be a part of it.
I ride for Oak Wheels and Flint Fingerboards, you can check some of the fb videos i make here:


hugs to all my friends


Hey guys, my names Cody. I’m from Atlanta, Ga and I originally started finger boarding when I was younger, I used to make custom molds and ramps in the basement with my dad. I’m 25 now, got back into fingerbording last year, built my first concrete park, and found the huge instagram scene. I think I’ll stick around for a while

Currently sponsorless and riding plastic bearing wheels, tdlbt’s, and a Roswell deck :man_shrugging:


This guy fucks!


Hello everyone.

I am Seed from the Philippines, owner of Seed Fingerboards. I started fingerboarding in 2001 and started my company in 2010. Supporting the scene up until now. I don’t do much filming now but trying to post when free time comes. Spread fingerboarding, plant it everywhere.


I’m Katha (Katharina) from Frankfurt, Germany - I currently live in Portugal
I started fbing in 2005 and came around quite a bit and meet a bunch of awesome people thanks to fingerboarding. Most people might know me because I run FBS (
Some of my all-time fav tricks include half cab flip and heel flip combos.

I can’t believe FFI is back after all these years, that’s awesome - thanks a lot for making this happen guys!


I’m Bike from Laguna Philippines aka hithitman in the old world , fingerboarder since 2006, owner of dirtyfingerboards :grin: love kickflips so much!