Inside the TRAP


Yo world! unfortunately we had to take some time off of making things due to situations in life. With things a bit more in place we are getting back into the groove of crafting. Check out some of older work on instagram @trapdecks and please subscribe to us on youtube. With the return of FFI, we will be posting updates and more personal things here. We are bringing back the hype vids and more creative and fun stuff will be out soon! 2 finger… peace~!
ps if you live near chicago hit us up!


Heres a little throwback vid for good times sake! (


A look at some previous works! Its been a long time, since these boards were created! Our methods now are a bit upgraded and boards are even more crisp and realistic. Maybe you guys can correct us if were wrong, but original company to bring you a paraphernalia graphic! stay tooned for new decks and graphics!