Idle releases white foam tape!


Thoughts? Who is picking it up? I think it’ll be great for people who like to get creative with their grip jobs. I hope idle prints some graphics on them.


I think it’s super cool. I would just make sure to wash my hands before every use… I have a feeling the tape will get super dirty super easy. Lol I would probably use small strips of it and make a beetlejuice tape job to match my beetlejuice Brutal Split Ply


Wow tape graphics imagine :heart_eyes:
Sounds good do you know how the tape is? Gotta be decent for me to slap on a main haha


I hear that it feels different than most tape but is just as grippy.


i just ordered a pack.
The @Idle dude aka. Ben seems like a Chill dude.
Cant wait to setup my Deck i got from him :slight_smile:
When i got the Tape i will tell yall


Ben sent me a few sheets, and I personally love it, not only is it one of the only white foam tapes in the game right now, it also performs good too, the only problem is that I cut the tape really bad and it looks kinda dumb. However that is not an issue with the performance of the tape, that’s just me being stupid.


Nothing special, you can already dye black foam. Nice gimmick though, make those hundreds :rofl: