Idle Fingerboards


Hello! My name is Ben and I make Idle.

I definitely plan on posting a lot more about Idle, myself and hopefully hearing from you guys more in depth here. For now this is a place holder! If you are interested in Idle and what I’m up too definitely keep an eye on this!

Peep the gram : @idlefb
Peep the site : Idle Fingerboards

Thanks for checking us out!


Highly recommend Idle to anyone looking to try something different. Love every deck I’ve gotten from him! A1!


As @Idle’s personal sponsor, I have to recommend you check him out. Top notch dude.


I like the cat you have on your logo, do you own many cats or a cat at all? I love kitties


The cat in the logo is my cat Clementine! We have another cat named Rosie who is the ice cream cone cat if you’ve seen that design. :blush:


I agree I’m in love wth both of mine!! :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Idle til ya didle!


Idle Fingerboards are amazing, everyone should definitely pick one up


My favorite idle deck I’ve had.


This is an early sneak peek before Instagram gets to see it tomorrow. Hand screen printed for the next stock.


Caant wait to get my Idle deck!

Looking forward to write a review maybe :wink: Whooo knows <3

Shoutouts my guy! @Idle