How long does your tape last/ under what condition?


Ive rarely had to change a tape because it has worn down.
I do see a lot of people riding tape that Is already falling apart.
My question is: how long does your tape last, before it starts to wear down (like worn off edges and such) and how much/ how long do you fingerboard?


When I first moved away from Tech Decks and started riding professional setups, I went through my first pack of FBS precut tape pretty fast. I wasn’t very consistent back then and I realize now that I was inadvertently abusing my tape due to my imperfect riding style. I was also riding outdoors more than I do now, where the constant upside-down board dragging and sliding the tape across the ground/obstacles was destroying the edges very quickly. I went through about 5 sheets within 5-6 months during that phase.

I’ve progressed a lot since then and ride mostly indoors now, so my tape lasts much longer. I’ll keep a sheet on a deck for months, but it has to be FBS, Riptape, or any other tape of similar quality. China tape seems to only last a few weeks before it starts becoming sticky and gross.

TLDR: It depends how consistent my tricks are, what brand of tape I use, and the terrain I ride on. if I’m performing well and not using China tape, the grip will last forever.


This depends heavily on the tape and how much you use it, and also your budget to replace it.

I think the longest I had tape on a main deck was a year or more, Riptape classic on my Berlinwood old mold. Simply because I couldn’t afford to replace it at the time.

Shortest is about a week with China tape with average use.

Tape usually lasts me a few months, but it can be as short as 1-2 weeks under heavy use (like when events are happening).


I use pretty much only fbs tape now after trying a few others. It’s last for quite sometime, especially if you clean it from time to time using something like tape. @MisterDank is right though, outdoor riding has been a huge contributor to my tape getting worn more quickly