*Homemade Ramps/Obstacles*


I made this hydrant with Fimo soft.


Marble ledge plaza thing I made tonight


Nothing special lol just a little wood & two shells


Made these 2 over the weekend. Still need to clean up the bench.


built a smaller stair set today and really like it so far.


Some of the ramps I’ve made for my spot


Woah that is awesome. I’ve always wanted a fire hydrant but can never seem to justify buying one for like 15-20 bucks. Maybe I’ll go this route. I highly doubt mine would look anything like yours though.


Thank you! I thought about doing a little tutorial when I have more time again. I wanted to make a smaller one because this is a bit too big for me.


little stairset plaza I made yesterday from leftover parts.


i do custom rails for people :slight_smile: if u need custom rail just ask me :smiley: i do it for you



That looks good.where are you from and do you do custom ones?I’ve been looking for a low rail that is a bit shorter than the blackriver version.


hi im from poland :slight_smile: i do custom :smiley: one rail is available 25cm long and 4,5 cm high


Ive sent you a pm regarding a rail!


really nice rails! Looking perfect.


im trying :smiley: thank you


Those are gorgeous!!!


Just finished this up slant coffin yesterday, one of the most fun obstacles i’ve ever used!


so sick! makes me miss the close-up coffin curb


Bro that thing looks insanely fun


built in progress