*Homemade Ramps/Obstacles*


Did you make the outledge on your BRR stair set up? Your DIY stairs are sick.


thanks buddy! do you mean the mike s ledge on the brr stairset? :thinking:


Hahaha yeah that’s exactly what I meant. It inspired me, found the ledge on eBay-

Thinking of putting a handrail on the ledge as well for authenticity


Some pictures from one of my two diy parks. Hope this is the right thread… What do you guys think? :v:t2:
The other one is in the background actually…


that looks so simple yet so fun! I really want to make a park one day


My first completed ramp! Still working on my stairs-flat-stairs, will post it on completion!


Finished the fencing and details on my double set today! Mad thanks to @AirfloRails and @brickabilly for the custom handrail and corner bank! Will be buying more wood soon to begin setting up my full park!


Two new fun pieces I finished today. Already spent a lot of time shredding these things today.
Curved ledges are so much fun!


An L rail I made myself using a angle grinder and a flux core welder. Wish I had a tig welder :frowning:


Nice one bro


Little planter I made this morning:


Wow that’s awesome! Pretty good work with the marble. Looks nice to sesh! :ok_hand:t4:


Made from all left over stuff laying around the house. Chipboard as frame, lamite countertop vinyl thing as surface and car brake lines as coping :man_shrugging:


More detail added to my double set👌🏻


The double set looks absolutely amazing


Thanks! :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


i did it for myself


Damn, that’s sick bro


look at this :smiley: full weld


very interesting and great work as always dude! im still shredding my rail