*Homemade Ramps/Obstacles*


Yo ! My favorite post from the old days was always the homemade obstacle posts. Would like to get a new one goin here. Get to postin’. Here’s a barrier I designed and made out of Crete :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How did you mold/shape it? I’ve been wanting to make one.


Damn that thing looks super smooth


Im waiting for Rens, he always has had the best diy ramps.


@thrash wow! that is a beautiful looking barrier, not so sure i’ll post up the picture of mine now :wink:


Thanks everyone! These will be for sale soon. Workin on some new stuff too that I’ll post eventually :wink: if any one remembers butta brand that was my old company


This thread is definitely a favorite, heres some recent crete stuff, the black piece is a replica of a ledge out in Times Square!


that first ledge looks hella fun


@fb_nyc love that replica, amazing work dude


Two Tech Deck Cheese n Cracker Ramps glued together, covered in drywall mud, and some red tiles as coping.


I’ve been thinking about doing this…or something similar.


@Thrash that barrier is so realistic!


I made this out of some clay and its realllly fun, even though its tiny


I’m making a Crete park with my friend. Should be done tomorrow


Hmm, I do have two of these, this is tempting


@thrash @fb_nyc wow, these are very good-looking & seem like good quality. But I like the other two, too :slight_smile:
This stair-rail combination is the last obstacle i made. It is made of wood, the rail is steel (cause aluminum has a lot more abrasion)


I made these concrete ramps recently😎


I made some of those curbs and benches some time ago.


@fb_nyc the times square replica is legit, looks so fun.


@thrash Looking dank as always Paul! can’t wait to see new things