Hardware Sizes Enclosed


Hey you guys!!

You may remember me (pry not) but I’m @newcfb on Instagram and below are the current hardware sizes with some sources. I have personally purchased all these but the tape. I’ve heard this tape has been changed and it sucks now - however back when I got the link with the neophrene info I was told it was “creamy goo”. That was years ago, so I’m sure it could have changed. I have purchased the bearing sizes below, and all have worked well! Good replacements for Chinese wheels, or for making most fingerboard wheels dual bearing. The locknuts are also a really good deal IMO.

All we need to find now, are the screw sizes that BR sells!

Locknuts (Size 00-80):

Washers (Size 2mm-3mm):

Bushings (3mm Rubber/Silicone O-Rings):

Grip Tape (Neophrene tape):

Bearing Sizes:
Single Bearing: 1.5 x 4 x 2mm
Dual Bearing: 1.5 x 4 x 1.2mm
Lock Nut / Machine Screws: 0-80
I have purchased both shielded and non-shielded bearings in those sizes from China, and they all roll the same. So I generally get the cheapest shielded bearings I can get.

So if we have the screw size we’ll be set! Then, if anyone wants to order their own, they know which sizes to get. I think this is an important thing to spread through the community.

DISCLAIMER: I do not promote the 3rd party vendors in the links above - just giving links so everyone can see the prices and pictures of the items listed. Also, if you have additional resources or sizes please let me know and I’ll add them here. I have never sold any items listed.