Half Pint


Half Pint was a deck company made sporadically between 2006-2012 by myself. Inspired by companies like Evolve, Texas, Prete, and Primo. I tried to combine different attributes from those companies into my own decks. The name was copied from one of my favorite Reggae music frontmen, Half Pint, but was also assimilated to 1/2 pints of milk we got with school lunch. By today’s standards, production was more at a hobbyist standpoint. The peak of the sales was probably around 2006-2007.


Testing/Making Phase (2005-2006):

-Retitled this section because I only sold a handful. Very much a testing phase but the name was already there. Also remembered I had 2 different molds, a high kick and low kick. Made of aircraft veneer. I had a wall shape for the very first attempt, but only did one, sorry for the photography skills at the time:

Low kick came next, didn’t perform the way I wanted:

As you’ll see through the year that fingerboarding, out of necessity, taught macro photography.

I redesigned the same melted tech deck and made the kicks a little steeper

I experimented with the Brandon Jones graphic technique, running veneer through my printer taped to a guide print. No finish, packing tape finish, enamel finish, drawings in pen, food coloring… Craftsmanship in general was all over the place.

Some example of early packaing lmao:

I still wanted something more hardcore like an Evolve or Prete. So I did another and it was a winner:

Still, I knew I needed good hardwood veneer for them to be better.

1st mold aka “Evo Mold”(2006-2007):

-First decks made using hardwood veneer. This mold is what helped get the name out there, performance was good. 4 ply for weight and performance. These were known for having a shorter tail than nose although it wasn’t a new concept.

2007 "Team"

2nd mold (2007-2008):

-This mold was the one that broke through, I was sick of the concave coming out uneven after wearing the 1st mold down, so I left it TD stock. Same shorter tail than nose shape. These performed very good and probably sold the most out of any mold. I kept the 4 ply philosophy and started using 2 part epoxy as the glue.

Misfits Pattern ode to Ian Andrew:

Wide test deck, the bread truck cutout was from something BRR sent with orders:

My setup at the time, one-off pin striped (Substance Omnicrons ftw!):

Did 3 styles at the time, natural, Opie Ortiz paper graphics, and pro model paper graphics (Brett Gagliardo’s on the end)

Most included a badly stenciled piece of stair tread

2008 Team

  • Me: Again
  • Brett Gagliardo: Was added after the 2nd mold came out. At this point it was only me and him on the “team” technically. He was the sickest handboarder anywhere at the time, but he was also sick with a fingerboard. I made him a Family guy parody graphic *pictured above

3rd mold (2009-2012)

This mold was not very sold as much as given away, but I did get a handful of custom requests. I just graduated high school and was going to college, but still had supplies around. These were some of my favorites as they weren’t cranked out. If I did a graphic, it was hand drawn or cut outs from magazines. This is also around the time everyone started copying the BW shape and setting the standard. My design tried to go back to the 1st mold but with kick height of the 3rd mold. Shape was inconsistent though, some turned out with more defined dips, some were loosey goosey.

More photos:

Ransom Graphic:

Started using the Pittsburgh Pirates “P” and milk carton logo towards the end

Rad/Halfpint/Redemption logo ripoff protest deck:

Did a split to be trendy at the time:

“Sublime” Self Titled CD “4/26/1992” back cover art tribute:

Seedless Old School:

Kiss Old School (Capital Grip, Green Winklers):

Tieyeball Art:

The last Half Pint ever made, but not completed.

In closing
I stopped because messing up truck holes was eating away at my soul :dizzy_face:. By that time, cnc molds with plotted holes were how you got around that, but I didn’t have the money, plus I ended up becoming sponsored by Evolve, so I wanted to focus on promoting Jader’s decks.

If you still have a Half Pint, or have any old setup photos stashed away on your PhotoBucket account, I’d love to see them! Please post them below!