Growing Fingerflip Inc


The response to the re-launch of FFI far exceeded my expectations. We received over 350 users in the first week! As of now, FFI has 420 (lol) active users. FFI at the end had 6,300 total users which grew over the forum’s entire 15+ year life!

I believe we can exceed that amount. In fact, FFI can reach that in 6 months… with all of your help! As of now, users who signed up on or before March 14th have invite privileges. To invite new users, go to your profile page and click on the Invites link. From there you can add your friends’ email addresses!

Also, I appreciate any and all attention FFI receives on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This forum lives and dies by activity! I’ll do anything I can to provide a fun, vibrant, positive online space for you all.

One of those ways is to personally host contests. Check out the FFI Best Flip Contest!

Wishing you the best!