Getting rid of all of my 15-20 year old gear 😁

  • EDIT: Updated with pictures of ramps / rails *

Hello folks! Most of you likely don’t know me, but my name is Danny Rodriguez. I was super into the fingerboarding scene from about 1999-2007. I still mess around occasionally on the kitchen counter, but that’s about it. My filming and sponsorship days were over many moons ago, especially now that I’m married with three kiddos!

Anyways, I’ve got a bunch of old gear I’m looking to part with and send to a better home. I’ve got some photos of the old school tech decks I have (some G1-G6, Tony hawk’s pro skater, limited edition stuff, etc), but didn’t get any of the ramps and random stuff yet. Some of the stuff I have:

-Lots of old school tech decks in package
-Tech deck ramps /rails
-Homemade benches /picnic tables
-Homemade super fun box
-Homemade big set of stairs with interchangeable rails
-Lots of tech deck tuning items, i.e. Wheels, nuts, screws, trucks, etc.

I would absolutely love to sell everything as one big lot to someone interested if the offer was fair. However, feel free to make an offer on any individual items you may want. Link to tech decks below.

Thanks all!
Danny Rod


How much for the red picnic table? Is the “Blind” logo a sticker?


love the fakie flip clip! (b-roll was sick too btw)
and calling email electronic mail is something that needs to come back!


Thanks pal! Picnic table is gone unfortunately