General discussion


Hey! Just thought we could have a thread for just general conversation, fingerboarding being the primary topic obviously, but also a way to keep things active and social!


I got my brother a full setup for his birthday this coming week. I slowly pieced together a complete from several companies; I’m pretty proud to give it to him, but equally sad to let it go. I originally gave him one of my 34mm Yellowood completes last year and supposedly he lost it during an apartment move, so I’m giving him one more chance:

LAFB 34mm Yoshi Egg 4 Super Deck
1x Sheet of LAFB Plain Neoprene Tape
1x Sheet of Unique Decks “Total Domination” Tape
Chrome/green X5 YTrucks
Oak Bowl White Wheels
FBS YTrucks Spacer Set
FBS Orange Boardrails (from

He’s a Super Mario fan, so hopefully he protects this setup with his dear life.


Haha nice dude! Way nicer than the setup I just gave to a friend. He’s made fun of me for fingerboarding for years then ended up trying it with some of the obstacles I’ve made and got hooked! Gave him a really old prep deck I had with basic bearing wheels and I don’t even know what trucks lol


nice! :smile:
i got one of my colleagues hooked too.
at first he made fun of me but could not resist trying it out from time to time.
then i got him a cheap southboard complete and he totally wore it down. now he is riding a berlin wood with brts and winkler wheels.
for his next birthday i will make him a new deck myself. he likes the shape of my latest mold so i hope he will like it.


Ha yea, I also got one of my close skater friends a P-REP complete as a “stocking stuffer” this past Christmas. I’m slowly trying to get everyone hooked :wink:

All my other friends always poke fun at me for it, but end up asking me to play with the one on my key-chain all the time.


I got a dad I work with addicted to them too haha he’s trying to get his son more into them

Side note, who has the best fire hydrant?


I’ve seen these around the internet before - a little expensive, but realistic:


Ah I forgot about vaudeville but yeah, price makes you contemplate creating one a go haha

I can’t remember the skate video, and having a hard time finding the clip now but I remember when in high school a skate clip of a guy who made ramps out of random stuff came out where he made a “fold n go” kicker ramp from shopping cart he would lay sideways. Anyone else know what clip I’m talking about?

Planning on trying to replicate his shopping cart kicker with some mini shopping carts that I just got in the mail today, should be interesting lol