Galaxy of Flowers Fingerboards



Hi there,
my name is Kai from Galaxy of Flowers Fingerboards. I make handpainted (& therefor unique) fingerbaords with a low shape. Glad to see this forum online again, so yeah, let’s fill it with life!

Instagram : @GofFingerboards

(foto by @ lukasfb - couch by @fingerboardcouch - Dont miss these two :slightly_smiling_face: )


HEYO! It’s GOFF. How you doing my dude?


Love your Decks!
You got an excellent Eye for the Details and Craftmanship!
I totally support your Stuff! Keep on going!


Yeah my friend! So glad you guys reactivated this place. everything is quite allright here on the other side of the pond :wink:


Thank you so much! I mean, I really like making decks and I am ver happy doing it, but its always really, really cool to find out, that there are people out there, who share the love! :raised_hands:


Just to give you guys some hint of how my boards look. Other shapes are available, of course, but the concave & the grade of the kicks stays the same (as they come of the same mold :wink: )
Notice: The boards in the pic are work in progress - without graphic and finish


Some of the boards ( & shapes) i have made so far:


Got a new tock of one Board and Boardrails up on the webshop right now!