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- ReUpload from FingerboardTV - Written and Photographed by @Onkel_Urban -

Hey folks, it’s ya boy Onkel Urban back at it again with another review.

This time I got mail straight out of Hamburg/Germany. The parcel was from Galaxy of Flowers Fingerboards, yes I know the name is a bit weird but the decks are super smexy! The owner hasn’t been in the biz for very long but he shoots straight fire.

He sent me a deck which he made just for me.

He told me he tried to make everything perfect and he did! The deck itself if 33mm wide and 97,5mm long. It has a low shape which means low concave and low kicks I totally like that but every fingerboarder is different. The tail is a bit shorter than the nose and the shape itself is round.

When he told me it will take time for him to craft his deck I totally understood what he meant. I waited more or less 4 weeks for it. It was more or less an ongoing process and the result is an eye catcher. The craftsmanship is on point, no glue spots, no clear coat spots, no spots in the wood, perfect drilling holes and countersinks and a super smooth sanding on the edges. The deck itself was very well pressed there is nothing to criticize.

The graphic was hand painted, yes you heard right hand painted, well the taste is always different but I like this abstract tree with the moon. The packaging is also very different, a paperbag, we all know the paperbags so why not use this idea for decks, huh?

I like it, the deck came with 2 sheets of FBS tape and also tiny flower stickers. So in total there is only one thing I would like to see, the plys have all the same color, would be cool to have different colored plys but thats the only thing I can criticize.


Craftmanship: 10 /10
Design & Graphic: 8 /10
Packaging: 7 /10
Shape: 8 /10

Galaxy of Flowers really is doing a great job. It has the current futuristic shape and also a good taste for unique designs. I would totally recommend to grab one of those, the deck feels really nice against your hand when you hold it. As far as I know, there is no webshop yet but hit him up on Instagram, he totally deserves it.

Check his :
►Instagram: @Goffingerboards

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!
Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban.

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