Five Luck


Five Luck is derived from the chinese term Wufu which loosely interpreted means all good things to you and yours, or five lucks. It is also where my original 2 molds got their name. The Wu and the Fu. My 3rd mold design is known as Tech5 and is a beast all its own. For 2 years I have relied on Five Luck to be my full time job. Not because I am huge and popular but because I simply cannot find other work here. I have taken to living a simple life and live and work in a tiny 285sq/ft cabin in a harsh and unrelenting area in North Central Saskatchewan here in Canada. Being self taught, I have had to come up with my own methods of creation and have developed processes all my own. From my kiler graphic applications to my insanely high pressure molding system. All my work is handmade (sometimes even created without electricity), my finishes that I apply are all eco friendly and natural and even my packaging is all made by me out of 100% recycled materials. I release batches of slow molded goodies periodically but also do fun things like my Enigma decks which are basically a mystery. I feel that my love for fingerboarding is readily apparent in my work. Each deck is designed to perform brilliantly and be measurably consistent. They are made this way because words are simply not enough to say thanks to those who choose to support me. Much love. XOXO


Definitely proud to own this FiveLuck, I love telling your story to people when they ask about it. This is one that was made during one of your times without electricity, and it’s a marvelous deck. I’ve been maining it for a good while now (3-4 months) and I’ve really started to “unlock the secrets” of the tech 5. It really is something else!


Nice to meet another 5Lucker!!! I really dig your setup man! The color matching is amazing, and the wwf trucks add a nice DIFFERENT touch from the norm!


Five Luck decks are awesome. Allready did a review of a graphic deck:

and a splitply deck:

Cant wait whats next at Five Luck!


I should have a package any day now from Cabin 5 and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Always top notch work, and the love oozes from deck.


Best art direction out there. Impeccable craftsmanship, all at an affordable price. Safe to say five luck is my favorite company.


I need to try one of your decks sometime! I know you sponsor Eric and he was on my ramp team way back in the day. Your stuff has always looked beautiful, keep it up.


While I have been doing this a very long time, Five Luck officially turns 2 on Sunday April 1st. I do things differently. Where I live I have no internet so I can’t always be doing the same levels of corporate marketing most other companies do. All winter I have been confined to using only hand tools inside of a 5’x5’ space in my small cabin here so my decks are all handmade. No sanders or trendy routers. I don’t charge a lot for my work but at the same time my only income right now comes from the work I do so while I will cringe at myself later for doing this, here are some pics of new decks coming out on Sunday. If anyone is interested in supporting an honest, hardworking deckmaker anymore I invite you to have a peek if you like. Thanks of course to all who have supported me over the last 2 years. So much love and thanks are in order.



For anyone interested in how to get to my site, here’s a link:heart:


I’ll be there! I think that split is calling my name! Lol


I’ve got 4 fiveluck boards. Burt is wonderful to deal with. Great product too.


A couple of my @McFiver setups!!!


I Have 5 Fivelucks.





I suppose I’ll contribute to the Five Luck collections here - both of the decks I ordered look so good!

Left: Enigma Exotic Blank
Right: 2018 Limited Bandito - El Smoko


I’m a huge fan! Some days ago I received this deck Burt made for me with a graphic and size I wanted. It’s one of the best boards if not THE best board I ever hold in my hands. The craftsmanship is absolutely perfect and it turned out better than I could ever imagine.
Much thanks!
For me it’s an awesome piece of art but it’s much more it’s a way to give something back to someone who gives so much to this community!
Treat your fingers an get a fiveluck fingerboard!


I bought a 5Luck in summer and I’ve been really enjoying it. Definitely can recommend it!

Here’s a picture✌️