Fingersized Podcast


Hey everyone,
@soundsphere and I started doing a podcast. I hope you like it. You can check it out here:

If you have any feedback, please hit us up.

We are currently working on a Logo, Intro-Musik and some of the sound-spikes.


Great episode!! Can’t wait for the next one, keep it up :pray:t3:


Awesome podcast! Only thing I can say is figure something out to try to avoid the blowing noise in the microphone? Makes it difficult to listen to with headphones!


Not trying to burst your bubble or anything but I was kind of bummed when I saw the word “Fingersized” because it was a distribution company ran by Kerry in the UK who also owned Unite Fingerboarding. I would re-consider a name change to be more original, haha.


thx for that input. But well, pretty much everything with finger* in it is pretty much taken or was at one point. And it being something that used to be part of a the english scene I don’t think this will cause that much confusion. But it’s certainly good to know.


Thanks for that! We’re currently working on fixing that. Tried to do it in post before uploading but didnt find the right settings in that moment.


New Episode up:


Do you guys do any audio editing on this?
I would recommend that,
at least a De-Esser and a Multiband Compression.

Would make the outcome much more professional.
Good talk though :slight_smile: