Fingerboarding: A Look Back


Simon, my man! Its Rafi here, so good to see an old face
And wow, what a read, real history that is
Luuurvin this thread


Great post. I Understand but it’s also sad I wasn’t named dropped but then again when I last spoke to you it was almost like you had no recollection of who I was. Martin never won FBOTY as far as I remember. I vaguely remember Eric and Alex won the first two. I remember also you would drift from the scene for a good 6 months every now and then with no explanation


There was probably about 100 people I didn’t name drop!

I do certainly remember you though Davo. Life moves along and fingerboarding takes a backseat and gets pushed to the back of the mind when more important stuff comes along.

And drifting from the scene, haven’t we all? I think I drifted for about a year in 2007-2008. I’m sure you deserved an explanation, but I think the mystery is what keeps people coming back for more, right?

Good to see you’re back around Davo!


All good man! Maybe it was twice you took some short breaks which seemed like a lifetime on FFI to me. It was always very hype when you came back for me though. I remember you also being up there for a few years for FBOTY. <3



Guess it was a slightly old post that I didn’t catch before, but that was an amazing read, Simon.

I recently found a couple of old articles I got published in 2003 and 2004 that said I started fingerboarding in 1999. I didn’t get into FFI in the old days so it was really great to read about all this and what I missed. It was also pretty cool reading more about you, I never knew you achieved all those things! Dunno if you’ll be free this time around when I’m visiting UK but we’ll have to catch up some time!


Damn such good reads in here! And lot’s of old companies I still remember for sure! I started back in 2007 and I remember when i finally got into FFI in the Summer of '08. FFI was super private back then and very exclusive, I remember you had to be lucky to be there when registration was open or you had to know someone who could get you in!

You know with IG it does feel like the community is a bit more separated but the community is still out there, what is needed is for the big companies and influencers to get together and coordinate on pushing traffic to one place. I honestly believe that a lot of people would use this forum if they knew about it and also if they felt like others were using it and honestly that all just comes down to advertising.


Yo Cory I remember you mane. I think we may have traded once or twice also. I was Jack M on FFI.


For sure man I definitely remember the name :smiley:


Howdy y’all, it’s been a couple months since I’ve posted to here. I had that video posted for the first episode of the Archives, but I still have to sit down and create the post and text version of that history entry. I must say though, I’m a bit glad that I’ve waited because I’ve managed to add a few more Berlinwood old mold decks that will hold some special appeal to them haha. But yeah, I know it’s been a heck of a long time but I wanted to get back to this post a little at least! :paw_prints: