Fingerboard Product History/Online Database?


Hello friends,

Fingerboarding…the last true art form. The riders get older…they stop and disappear. Forums get dead? they die and get reborn. All those photos/info? Buried on somebody’s old photobucket account most likely waiting to be deleted or already deleted from inactivity.

The cool part is it’s surviving, new kids get involved, armed with some tech decks, an old wooden deck with riptape their older cousin gave them, and a 14th gen reskinned Tech Deck ramp.

But with all of this reinventing of itself…the history is left to the wayside. I couldn’t tell you how many sets of wheels I have and don’t know the model…how many companies I see on IG and say…“that was already a company name”…and just some general fact checking I wish I could do.

Is there anywhere out there that databases these things? Like a collection of sorts? like a museum? I guess that’s what I’m getting at. It’s fun to see the reinventing of the wheel with new hands, but at the same time, kind of sad to think everyone/companies who helped build it be forgotten about. I just think there is a whole era of manufacturing they missed out on, that really helped solidify common practices. As well as keeping tabs on things, it could be a great display of history.

I think it would be extremely useful and needed to have some sort of record keeping. Maybe I’m ignorant to if there is something like this already, which in that case I would love to see. I remember the “Companies” section back in the old FFI pretty much did this, but idk if anyone has access to the old database. I think that would be a good place to start.

Any thoughts?


Hey Dave_C,

well, there are Product Blogs on fingerboardTV for the last 10 years. These are still online. If you´re just searching for pictures, just check ot this album on my flickr:

I have more pictures from the rimes before fingerboardTV on my harddrive.




Hi Martin, first off I love your videos, been a watcher for years.

What a great collection of images! The last few pages is where I left off with most of my memory.

Yes this is very useful. I would love to see pre this era as well. Primos, Texas, Spinal, f5bj, epz, republic trucks, Hazard, Vegas, <3 Attack, early FF and ST…pretty much anything that somebody sold more than 10 of and had a name for.

But the overall idea is to make a sort of detailed timeline of products. List information like the year, variations, materials, any details on what made it unique/inventive/revolutionary at the time, etc…

Almost like a guild of makers, reviewers, collectors…who can verify and list those kinds of details since some of that history is hazy and not well documented.


I see @Lakewoodfb made a thread pretty much just like what I’m describing :rofl: