Fingerboard Mold Design


Hello Everyone!

My name is Cory R. I’ve been a part of FFI ever since 2008 and recently came back into finger boarding, I was gone for a good 5+ years. Anyways during the time I was gone I became Mechanical Engineer with a Minor in Robotics :slight_smile: Wooo hooo. Point being I have tons of experience designing in CAD and huge love for fingerboarding so I figured I could offer my services if needed.

I can basically design anything when it comes to a mold, Kick angle, kick length, concave depth etc literally everything… So if anyone is interested (seriously interested) we can discuss on what you need and pricing.

I would only be doing the design and you would then have to take that to a machine shop or 3D print it. We can discuss how you plan to manufacture the mold so that the design is optimal for how it will be procured.

Anyways I don’t have a company or anything but if anyone out there is interested in the services then we can talk. My Instagram is: coryr.fb so DM me there (preferably) or here on FFI (i’ll respond faster on IG).

Below is an example of my work:



that’s really nice Cory


Yo Cory that’s sick man! I remember you a little bit from FBHQ.

Dm’ed you man, I’m seriously considering getting another mold designed.


Hey man yeah! I was on FBHQ for a bit as well :slight_smile:


Yo Cory! Glad to see you still around :smiley:


Hey man thanks! Hopefully I will see you at a rendezvous :slight_smile:


BUMP. Added IG for Inquiries and Example pictures of my work :slight_smile: