Fingerboard hacks, tips, etcs


Never had that happen in all my 15 years of shredding


It used to happen to me all of the time with the old BRT screws that were about half the size of what they should have been.


So you didn’t use TD screws? :thinking:


When my wheels’ bearings are becoming weathered and crunchy, I soak them in 99% isopropyl alcohol overnight and let them out to dry before I leave for work. Then when I get home, I place a drop of Bones Speed Cream in each wheel and let them sit for another 10-20 minutes.

I tried this with barely rolling FlatFace BRR Editions and they ended up working better than when I first bought them. Thanks @skatemaster231 for confirming this worked before I tried it!

Change bearings?

If anyone has a hard time breaking in grip, heres a couple things to help.

  1. Before gripping your board, scrape the griptape with the flat side of any scissors a few times.
  2. Take a piece of tape and put it on your grip, rub your fingernail all over it and peel it off. (I always do this a couple times a day when i first regrip a board)

These save me hours of break in time with new grip :slight_smile:


When cleaning bearings, i take a Q-Tip, and i cover it in GooGone. Then i just swab the bearing a few times and it works great, it lubes up the bearings and gets any thick dirt or gunk out.


Stripped Dynamic baseplates? Take tdlb base plates and widen the hole where the hangar sits, you should be able to use the dynamic hangars as if they were trucks without a reversed kingpin!


I do the tape method that you mentioned. Has always worked great! I use clear gorilla packaging tape. Breaks the surface really nicely!