Fingerboard Events: What do you expect?


Hey all! So I’m looking to have a bit of a discussion as to what the “ideal” fingerboard event is for people. I’m currently in the works of bringing a session/event to Vancouver, I would love to here from you guys as to what you look forward to in a event. Contests? Games of skate? Multiple style parks? Drinks/snacks? Also if you feel so inclined maybe share a favourite memory from a fingerboard event. I’m looking to start “West Coast Classic” off with a bang, and I’d love to hear from all of you as to what makes an event good a special place in your fingerboarding hearts! :heart:


Personally, the format of the event doesnt really matter in my opinion. The best thing about any event is meeting people you don’t get to hang out with often. Deep down, contests are just an excuse to get friends together and have a good time, it’s just that really. Get to know new places, new experiences and all of that…
Of course i know some people do like to compete, especially youngsters. Contests with multiple runs tend to last longer while GOS are usually faster. Got to have in mind people eventually get exausted, judges too :wink:
Multiple parks are always welcome, but we know it’s not exactly easy to have many of them available. Problem is, sometimes an event atracts so much people and if you have only one park available, they spend most of their time waiting to get the chance to actually fingerboard a little due to the lack of space, so yeah, multiple parks are always a good thing.


I couldn’t agree more. ive got multiple parks almost ready to go with homies bringing some too so that’s no worries. I’m stoked to be able to bring some Fingerboarders together to have a good time and shred! Your opinion is so greatly appreciated!


Have multiple parks at various height levels. For short people, tall people and everyone in between. I can’t stress how important this is. I’m not a fan of contests. I personally like to have an open session for the entire duration of the event.


So at the event I worked at, we had $10 entry which includes a slice of pizza and a drink.

Venue: the venue doesn’t really have to be very specific it can be outdoors or indoors as long as there’s seating.

Parks: it’s good to have a variety of interesting parks (even a concrete one here and there) and regular tables around where people can setup a board, play skate, etc.

Contests: Although some people dont like contests they usually go down very well at events and it’s good to have a few. Game of skate, best run, best trick, whatever contests you want will work but make sure it’s coordinated.

TIP: do some product throws, it hypes everyone up a lot.


As I organized a few event , here is some tips I would have :

-Game of skate tournament needs to be 16-32-48 people or else your tournament tree will get confusing and youll end up with someone skipping a match or something.

-Don’t try to do everything , get people and friends to help you with the tasks
-There is never enough ramps, NEVER enough ramps.

-Paint Buckets : To raise table heights

-Sponsors are importants , even the lesser know ones. The more stuff you have for prices the more people will
make the effort to come.

-People are more attracted to maybe win free stuff than actually go meet fingerboarders, so do your raffle prizes at the very end to keep the most people.

-Raffle tickets are a great way to make way too much money on Companies back .The logic is that for 1$ you get one more chance to get something , so it’s not rare kids buying 30-50$ worth of tickets. I’m personally against them but i’ve seen people do 100-500$ pretty easily that way…

  • It’s important to document the event , by video , instagram clips , pictures , to show people that didnt showed up what they missed and make em come at your next event.


Yeah, like @benhashdulac said, have friends help. it is almost impossible to host an event on your own, the event I worked at had a team of about 6 people working at the shop table, registration table, judging and more, try to get as many friends to help you as possible.


I went to a big event a few month back and there was like 8 parks, and 200 kids. It’s the reason why I decided to make the Carlsbad Gap. The kids need more parks. There should not be 5 people standing around the park waiting to play on it, while the two people on it spend 10 minutes trying to land everything imaginable. Gotta have as many parks as possible. And if you can, go out and make another park also, because it still won’t be enough.