Fingerboard Connoisseur


Hello everyone, It’s great to see FFI back up and running again! My name is Casey, I live in Florida and started FBC about a year ago. It is my full time job, love and passion. What started as a deck company has blossomed into a lot of veneer distribution, tuning and now a new tape called “Black Velvet” that I couldn’t be more proud of! I hope to spread my love of fingerboarding with all of you in as many ways possible! I love to shred myself and post videos but now I have a place to post tips on how to make fingerboards better as well as trick tutorials to help many of you progress in more ways than one! I have big plans for FBC this year and I’m stoked to be back here to share it with all of you! I will post here periodically with updates associated with the company that I won’t be posting to instagram. I hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:

Top - “Work Shape” Bottom - “Play Shape”

I plan to have a nice sized Stock 4 coming soon so stay tuned here and on the links below :wink:

My Website

Instagram @fingerboardconnoisseur



Awesome to see you on here Casey! Your decks look unreal!


Thanks Chris, I really appreciate that! I’d love for you to try one out sometime!:slight_smile: