FFI Best Flip Contest!


Great entries so far!



Just a little thing I threw in here. I added a slowmo on another side because I’m a noob at instagram :joy:



The video


Here is my entry. A kickflip late ollie inspired by the video Kalye posted. I’m a noob at forums so I don’t know how to show the video here other than just linking my post.


One week to go guys! Love all the entries so far… this is going to be tough to judge!



Here’s my entry!
good luck everyone, some slick looking flips in this thread!


Here is my entry, good luck everyone!


My entry! Switch Heel Late 540 Flip. Idk if the link will load. Goodluck :fire:


Here is my entry! It’s a Switch Heelflip Late Frontfoot or frontfinger Impossible. Hope you like!


Here’s mine. :slight_smile:


Thanks man! Can’t wait to hear the results :facepunch:t3:


Sorry for the delay in results guys! I didn’t want to announce the contest so soon after the passing of Big.Ass.Drop.Lord… I do have the Best Trick Winner picked in my mind, but still need to do the drawing for the other prize :slight_smile:


The Winners are…

Best Trick: @lukasbfb
Random Drawing: @Stolly

Congratulations guys!

I’ll be hosting another contest soon :slight_smile:


Congrats @lukasbfb and @Stolly!

Very well deserved @lukasbfb!


Woah, so many entries! Reallly cool stuff, too.
Congrats, Lukas!


Congtartz to the winners! GG :slight_smile:


congrats boys!


congrats that trick is insane!!