FFI Best Flip Contest!


Alright, I’m going to be hosting the first official FFI contest!

There will be two winners!

The first winner will be selected for best fliptrick. Style, difficulty, cleanliness, creativity are all in play. The second winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries.

Both winner’s can choose between the following:

  • Flatface wheels of your choice
  • Berlinwood Deck


  • A customized, one-of-a-kind badge for their user profile!


  • Users must be a registered member of FFI to be eligible.
  • Flip trick can be on flat, up, over, down, through anything. However, entries featuring grinds, slides, etc will be deemed ineligible!
  • Post your video on Instagram with the hashtag #FFIContest2018 mention forum.fingerflipinc.com in the Video Description
  • Entries should be linked as a reply in this thread

Feel free to ask any questions in the below comments!

Last call for entries will be March 31st! Winner will be announced by April 6th :slight_smile:


This is gonna be dope! Only one trick?

Growing Fingerflip Inc

Yep, one trick! The same clip in Slow motion is allowed too!


New footage right? Nothing rehashed?


I’d prefer it to be new footage! That said, I don’t think I’d truly know either way :wink:


I feel you haha it would just make me feel better knowing I put out something new rather than rely on a old trick to win but I was just curious because I know some people who host contests don’t like that.


Footplants or grabs being incorporated count?


Can I use a trick from a part from 2018 ?


Switch Impossible.
Enjoy :wink:

Can’t wait to watch all the entries!


Sick style man! Well done!




My unofficial entry! Fakie 360 backfoot(heel?)flip revert…

Obviously, won’t be eligible for prizes though :grumps:


Definitely heelflip. Kinda like a fakie laser revert. Awesome execution by the way! :slight_smile: You are really nailing this upside-down style!


Not sure if I’m sharing this correctly but here’s my entry. :blush:



Here is my entry… Just wanted to have some fun.


my entry…hope the link works.



I take it flips out of railstand won’t be accepted?


I like this shot but the slomo is doodoo, anyway here’s my entry yall.
Tre double flip fs revert