Fensueb Full Length


Fensueb Full Length

New video by Dave Romo and friends. Grab some snacks and a bev before you click play!


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such a good video, everyone went insane


Straight amazing homie


We need more full lengths like this


It’s been my Third time watching so far and I dont get bored of it , It’s been a while since a full length have done that for me. Insane work guys.



I decided to re-upload this vid in better quality so it looks better full-screen on a computer and TV. This video seriously goes out to everyone that fingerboards. After years of just 1 minute Instagram videos, I decided to work on a full-length vid with a very talented group of fingerboarders. I had the honor of working on this vid with Jamal Bouabdellaoui and Tanner Lee, who we have both recently lost in this community. They were the first people I met up with just to fingerboard. Tanner showed me there was more to fingerboarding then just at home on your desk. He would try and find all types of spots around where he worked in downtown Chicago. I joined him on those adventures in June of 2016 and Jamal came into the picture later that year in the fall. They were so kind and talented. Tanner was the best at big drops and Jamal had such a solid style and bag of tricks. They were both very committed with this project and got to share a section along with B Miller and a couple other friends I filmed. They also did an outstanding job at filming my part, which was filmed over the course of six months. I love Tanner and Jamal with all my heart and miss them dearly. I wish the best for their families and hope to see their kids at meet ups soon. These people and this vid have solidified this time in my life and I feel so blessed to look back on this piece of fingerboard history I made with them. Cheers.