FBS SPACERS for ytrucks


I firtst got the spacers to “replace“ the “missing“ second bearing of oaks to fit my 34mm ytrucks. It worked just fine and I was happy to use my beloved oaks on ytrucks without loosing the 34mm width or the axle sticking out to far at the ends.

But I really fell in love with them discovering what more they can do.
The FBS spacers can also be used to “widen your truck“ (works with ytrucks, 2krs and tds but not with brts.) Actually what they do is just set your wheels further apart on the truck.
I used them to transform 32mm 2kr trucks to 34mm. Incredible. I wrote something about that a while ago.
Now I just used them to fit oak bowl wheels on the new 32mm td trucks. Without the spacers oaks on tdts is either loose and wobbly or tight and scratchy and because of the centered bearing the oaks take a lot of the width of the truck.
With the spacers they roll just fine and sit far out on the axle wich gets the nice width. The truck on the top is equipped with the spacers. Now they are perfect for setting up a pool cruiser I have in mind.

oak bowl wheels
tech deck 32mm trucks
fbs spacers
fbs lock nuts
level up bushings


I can also confirm that they work on 2KR 34mm trucks to turn them into roughly 35.5mm width. They also work on Dynamic 34mm trucks as well. In both cases, I had to flip my locknuts though. The round part towards the inside.


35.5? crazy shit :smile: