Favorite skate video parts?


I’ve been into skating for a loooooong time. Seen so many sick parts over the years but there are always ones that stand out. So, what’s your favorite part in a skate video? I have many but Marc Johnson in Fully Flared is 13 minutes of sickness I never want to unsee.


I think my favorite is Torey Pudwill’s Hallelujah part from some Transworld Skateboarding video.


Richie Jackson’s “death skateboards” part


There are too many good ones. Old and new. I’d say any part from Flip’s “Sorry” would do as an example. Couldn’t really decide which one though. Also Andrew Reynolds part in “This is Skateboarding” is pretty sick. Apart from that anything from Rodney Mullen, Daewon Song or Ben Raybourn.


Any footage from Miles Silvas does it for me, so effortless and steezy. I can’t believe im even saying this… but… Nyjah’s nike part tho



Dude. That Barbee part is something I rewinded a thousand times. Any noco variation I did back then was modelled after the master. The Natas and Christ parts are superb as well.


Showing my age here but my favorite is Guy Mariano’s part in Video Days.


I remember watching Baker 3 over and over and over again. Probably one of the videos I liked most. Cheese and Crackers has been one of my favorite too


My fav skate video it is from Gou Miyagi! Crazy af!



Yes! That part is so good!

Also, there’s a part in Tightbooth Productions “Lenz” that was insane… I wish I could find it online. Here’s the trailer though!


So many good ones, but couple of my faves have to be Cody McEntire’s Ride the Sky, Guy Mariano Fully Flared, and Chris Joslin’s Battle Commander.
(All the Chris Haslam, Gou Miyagi, Richie Jackson videos get put in a separate category of mind blowing skating for me)