Favorite Mike Schneider video?


The man has made a ton of videos, and it seems like a pretty universal opinion that his videos are classics. This is mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YlENvyMi38 This one came out when I first started fingerboarding and I was obsessed with it. Loved the song, loved the park. Having been a while since iv’e seen it, I think it really holds up.


Haha, interesting topic.

I didn’t know this video yet.

My favorites are probably the Crystal Park videos or these two specifically (not crystal park):


arguably the best video in the history of forever!

Then there was this…

I think Jan had got in touch with Mike about what he said and threatened some bullshit libel suit or something so Mike made the video to kinda “smooth” things over. Jan was still a douche and that first video is solid gold…:wink: truth!



HAHAHA this made my night ! Fastfinger ramp co … Freaking memories , Remember their awful parks ?


Mike has no classic parts to anyone who was around when Mike was a hand boarder. Nice subtle suck thread though…


Thanks, glad you like the thread :slight_smile:


Yeah I hope you got some good brownie points for this one :heart: